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2021 Annual Report

Argentina has the third-largest economy in Latin America. While well-diversified, it has recently experienced a slowdown in economic progress with low growth and a rise in unemployment. This led the government to pursue structural changes that can facilitate growth, employment and sustainability within the context of an inclusive, green economy.

Argentina subsequently joined PAGE in 2018 and focuses on governance; technical analysis to inform policymaking; vocational training to support the labour market; and sustainable product development and finance for technological innovation, including fiscal incentives, sustainable public procurement schemes and financial instruments.

In 2021, the already complicated mix of external debt, high inflation and unemployment was further exacerbated by the impacts of the global pandemic. Despite this, Argentina’s newly appointed government has elevated green economy in its agenda and advanced policies in areas of green jobs, energy transition and social economy aimed at providing new growth opportunities through a sustainable approach. PAGE is supporting these objectives, particularly through its targeted green economic recovery activities that aim to strengthen sectoral plans framed in Argentina’s Paris Agreement commitments.

  • Green Recovery

    Argentina is strengthening the design and implementation of sectoral plans framed in the Nationally Determined Contributions, specifically for sectors that have […]

  • Argentina continues to make strides in fostering a just transition towards a green economy. In early 2021, three position papers were […]

  • Under the leadership of a senior economist in Argentina, PAGE developed a concept document on Just Transition as […]

  • Building on work from 2020, PAGE finalized a Diagnostic on Country Indicators for a Green Employment in November […]

  • As the updated NDC presented by Argentina in 2020 established sustainable employment and Just Transition […]

  • PAGE continued to contribute towards the development of a National Plan for the Promotion of the Circular […]

  • In September 2021, PAGE finalized a National Green Jobs Promotion Strategy and Roadmap which provides concrete […]

  • Several PAGE Argentina findings have been reflected in the  National Green Productive Development Plan, announced […]

  • A new diploma on Green Jobs and Just Transition launched in Argentina in 2021 through the Institute of the World […]

  • PAGE conducted a review of the public sector’s capacity needs during the transition to an IGE. The focus of the study was on various needs […]

  • Supporting the development of the Strategy and Roadmap, PAGE helped build new institutional capacities to guarantee […]

  • Aligning with the goals of the country, PAGE work aims to support SDGs 4 (Quality Education), 8 (Decent Work and Economic Growth), 9 (Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure), 12 (Responsible Consumption and Production), 13 (Take urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts), and 17 (Partnerships for the Goals) in Argentina.

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